Opening Ceremony of the UTC – TU Dresden Master Education Program

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Attending the Ceremony were representatives of leaders from Ministry of Education and Training, and also from the railway sector such as Vietnam Railways, Hanoi Railway Co.,Ltd, Vietnam Register, IVU Transport Technologies AG (Germany), DAAD Vietnam and representative from TU Dresden - Prof.Dr.Ing Jochen Trinckauf who is a coordinator of the program, along with UTC’s leaders, teachers and learners of the first course of the program.

This is a training program developed in accordance with the curriculum of TU Dresden, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the period 2016-2018, to provide learners the overall knowledge, a new and modern opinions and ability to independently solve problems in the field of railway system engineering. All lecturers for the program come from TU Dresden to give lessons. Teaching language used in the course is English. The program was approved by the Ministry of Education and Training. It has attracted attention from so many railway agencies and the agencies sent 25 learners to take part in the course No.1.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Rector of UTC emphasized the importance and necessity of training high quality human resources in the railway sector nowadays. The cooperative program is important to meet the demand of the development and modernization of the railway sector in Vietnam and will be the basis for the long-term implementation of the program at both undergraduate and graduate levels in UTC in the near future.

On behalf of the railway agencies and the leaders of the Vietnam Railway Corporation, Deputy Director Mr. Doi Si Hung would like to express sincere thanks to the two universities for establishing the program at the right time when Vietnam railway sector is in need of a highly qualified workforce to address today's pressing issues, which makes an important contribution to the improvement of railway systems in the upcoming years.

The ceremony was held solemnly and successfully with lots of joy and excitement of the learners attending the program. We can certainly hope that the training program will bring practical results to the Vietnamese railway sector.

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Some photos of the ceremony:


Speech by Rector of UTC, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long at the ceremony


Participants at the ceremony


Speech by Mr. Doi Si Hung, Deputy Director of Vietnam Railway Corporation


Speech by Ms. Anke Stahl, Head Of DAAD Regional Office Hanoi, taking charge of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos And Myanmar


Representative of learners presented flowers to two Universities