Two international training courses were greatly successful

Following the success of the previous years, the year 2017 is continuously the 12th year since 2005 when two training courses on “Road Infrastructure Asset Management” and “Urban Transport Planning and Management” were firstly organized by University of Transport and Communications and Kyoto University.

Giving lectures for these courses were 20 internal and external professors and specialists from Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT); Kyoto University; Osaka University; Tokoku University; Pasco Corporation; Japan International Consultants for Transport Co. Ltd.; Nikken Sekkei Research Institute; Japan Bridge Engineering Center; Kyoto Engineering Support Center; especially for the first time a professor from French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR), together with many experts from domestic agencies such as Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Construction, Hanoi Construction Planning Institute, Institute of Transport Science and Technology and University of Transport and Communications.

Two training courses attracted 66 trainees, many of whom came from agencies in the transport sector. Especially, there were 13 foreign students including 8 students from France and Germany, 5 students from Japan. The training courses focused on exchanging, sharing experiences and applying modern calculating models in asset management, maintenance, exploitation of road infrastructure and urban planning towards urban development and modern sustainable transport systems. At the end of the training courses, the trainees were tested and conferred Certificate of Participation.

This is the annual cooperation program between two universities during the past 12 years, bringing practical effect in training professional skills, updating new science and technology for hundreds of technical staff working in the transport sector in the recent years.

International Cooperation Department

Some photos:

Director of International Cooperation Department of UTC Mr. Vu Tien Sy delivers the Opening Speech.


Prof. Dr. Kiyoshi Kobayashi gives an overview speech of two training courses.


Vice Rector of UTC Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Chuong closes the training courses and confers the Certificate to trainees.


Conferring the Certificate


Organization Committee and lecturers


Organization Committee, lecturers and students