UTC Rector paid a working visit to China

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As assigned by the Leaders of two universities, in the first day, the delegation was divided into 6 groups working directly with Schools/Institutes and specialized Offices/Boards including School of Civil Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Science Studies, School of Mathematics, School of Transportation and Logistics, School of Economics and Management, School of Electrical Engineering, Education Office, Development Strategy Office, International Office to discuss intensively on the professional issues of mutual interest, which achieved some certain agreements.

Prof. Dr. Dao Manh Hung is working with School of Mechanical Engineering, SWJTU

One group of the delegation (Prof. Dr. Le Hai Ha, Prof. Dr. La Van Cham, Dr. Luong Xuan Chieu) is working with School of Civil Engineering, SWTJU.


At the meeting with Deputy Secretary of SWJTU’s Party Yan Qi Peng, Rector Nguyen Ngoc Long introduced the development situation of the University of Transport and Communications and the transport sector of Vietnam in the recent years. He emphasized that Vietnamese Government had invested greatly in the construction of transport infrastructure, including the construction of highways, high-speed railways, urban railway systems, etc, which was the opportunity to develop new collaborative programs of two universities. Under the chairmanship of two leaders, the participants - after participating in the group meetings - focused on the discussion of opportunities, challenges and specifying cooperative activities in order to bring practical effects to each party such as collaboration in research, international workshop organization, education and improvement of the qualification of teaching staff, improvement of teaching materials according to the new trend, exchange of management experiences at different levels.

Deputy Secretary Mr. Yan Qi Peng also gave five new recommendations when considering the aspects of cooperation between two parties:

Firstly, expanding both the breadth and depth of available cooperation between the two institutions, for example: increasing the number of publication times per year of Science Journal of Transportation from one time to two to four times.

Secondly, expanding the partners of cooperation with other countries in Southeast Asia, making a special contribution to the region.

Thirdly, establishing the regional association of universities, carrying out diversified cultural cooperation activities, creating the true effect of scientific research cooperation.

Fourthly, setting up trilateral cooperation with Chinese transport enterprises as well as companies in the field of rail transport, expanding the broader space of cooperation between the university and enterprises.

Fifthly, setting up new mechanisms and institutions to enhance the cooperation, formulating stable working mechanism, which enables the cooperation achieve real effects. 

The delegation is working with Deputy Secretary Yan Qi Peng and heads of SWJTU units

At the meeting with leaders of Southwest Jiaotong Transport University, President Xu Fei, on behalf of the Leaders of the University, welcomed the presence of the delegation and sincerely thanked the University of Transport and Communications for always giving special affection, interest and encouragement to the achievements in many fields of Southwest Jiaotong Transport University in the process of construction and development of the university. Two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and agreed to expand the cooperation between two universities in both breadth and depth, actively participating in and promoting cooperation among ASEAN universities, establishing a strong training cooperation platform, becoming a model for cooperation among universities in ASEAN. The Memorandum of Understanding is the basis for the two universities to develop and implement cooperative activities in the new stage and context.


Rector Nguyen Ngoc Long and President Xu Fei are signing the MoU

Taking memorial photo with SWJTU Leaders

On this occasion, the delegation together with the SWJTU representatives visited and worked with China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC) and China Railway No. 2 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. which are two big prestigious units in China in the field of transport construction, especially railway transport works. The delegation visited, listened to the introduction and learned experiences in the field of high-speed rail and urban rail construction and operation – areas of great interest in Vietnam. At the same time, the delegation also discussed and agreed on the development of trilateral cooperation between Southwest Jiaotong Transport University and University of Transport and Communications, and China Railway Engineering Corporation No. 2 on human resource training, research and application of modern technology in practical production activities in the transport construction in Vietnam.

The delegation is visiting China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

The working visit of the delegation was successful, marking a new page in the traditional friendship between two universities.

International Cooperation Department