UTC student group picked up the special prize of EMC

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Honda Eco Mileage Challenge (EMC) competition has got started in Japan since 1981. During the 33 past years, the competition had looked like a wholesome recreation area for young people to enhance their enjoyment in creative activities in team-work, and their awareness in environmental protection as well.

The competition has got started in Vietnam since 2010. The event in March of 2014, it was the fifth event to continue searching for the answer for the question that is “How many kilometers could you go past with only one litter of petrol?”. The opening ceremony of the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge (EMC) competition 2014 took place in National Conference Center on Sunday April 23rd, 2014 at 8:00 am.

This year, there were presence of 131 teams from universities, colleges, enterprises and individuals in which 102 were 3-wheel home-made vehicle teams and 29 were 2-wheel market vehicle teams. Similar to other foreign competitions  the Honda’s engine was used for the vehicles to economize on petrol. It was divided into three groups in the competition including home-made vehicle group of universities, home-made vehicle group of enterprises and individuals, and market vehicle of Honda.

It was quite surprising that the best prize went to home-made vehicle group of universities this time, i.e that was the student group of UTC. The UTC CK01 team won the best prize with their excellent result of 1,164.848 kilometers with only one litter of petrol, ahead of the runner-up was University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City. With that excellent performance the UTC CK 01 overcame far above past records. Beside the awards from the board of organization, the two teams who got the best and the second prizes also picked up another special prizes, that was to go to Japan to participate to EMC 2014 held in October of 2014.

For the home-made vehicle group of enterprises and individuals, the best prize went to Phoeniex 18 team of Vietnam Automobile and Motorbike Accessories Manufacture Company Ltd. with a result of 989.871 kilometers on one litter of petrol, and the second was Kuong Ngan Enterprise team with a result of 726.807 kilometers on one litter of petrol.

The best prize for the Honda’s home-made group went to Canh Gio team with a result of 860.597 kilometers on one litter of petrol which was much lower than their previous record of 1,091 kilometers. The second place was AE-AF-2R team with a result of 292.256 kilometers on one litter of petrol.

It was the fifth time for the UTC student group to participates in the EMC competition held in Vietnam, after each time their skills and results were improved. They got the second prize in 2013. This year, they have successfully completed the solution to convert the mechanical fuel supply system into the electronic fuel supply system to save the petrol. The solution helped them got the special prize to go to Japan to attend EMC 2014 in October. For the UTC team to get such high achievement, the credits have to be given to the best efforts of students, the guidance, leadership and encouragement of UTC’s leaders and lecturers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Especially, it is essential to mention a lecturer whose name’s Truong Manh Hung who directly guides the UTC student groups every time.

VTS-International Cooperation Depart.

Source: Section of Automotive Mechanical Engineering.

Some pictures of the competition

CKO1 (your right side) is running powerfully in the race

Two team leaders are receiving the special prize

Whole UTC student team is happy with their result

Take a photo together