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Following the success of the student exchange seasons in the past years, in the afternoon of November 14, 2018, at the University of Transport and Communications, there was an exchange of international students with enthusiastic participation of students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty – University of Transport and Communications and more than 30 students, lecturers of Department of Control Engineering - National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College, Japan.


Welcome the 2019 Spring with great hope of integration and development, which is a prerequisite year for development momentum for the whole term of 2018-2023. The external affairs activities of the university have gained many achievements in accordance with the domestic and international general context.


The conference was held in the morning of December 14, 2018 at the University of Transport and Communications with the co-organization of three units namely University of Transport and Communications, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation of Japan and Transport Engineering Design Inc.- TEDI. Attending the conference were 120 participants from agencies, enterprises, universities, research institutes related to railway transport field. The conference also received the attention of the Leader of Ministry of Transport.


In the morning of November 21st 2018, the delegation of Saxony State-Germany led by H.E Minister of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport Martin Dulig and 24 members visited and worked at University of Transport and Communications (UTC).


The Signing ceremony for joint two-stage training program was held on Oct 2nd 2018 at University of Transport and Communications.



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