PhD Thongda Singhaninh defended his doctoral thesis successfully

Thongda Singhaninh who is a PhD from Lao People’s Democratic Republic has been working at Champasak University in Pakse Province. After graduating with an engineer degree and master degree at Russian University of Civil Engineering, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Huu - University of Transport and Communications and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Van Dong - University of Transport Technology, PhD Thongda Singhaninh completed and successfully defended his doctoral thesis with the topic “Research on hot asphalt concrete components and properties applied in Lao People’s Democratic Republic” belonging to Transport Construction Engineering, code 62580205. Attending the thesis defence ceremony and participating in the Thesis Assessment Committee are many prestigious scientists from universities and agencies in the transport sector such as: National University of Civil Engineering; Thuy Loi University; University of Transport Technology; Le Quy Don University; Institute of Transport Science and Technology; University of Transport and Communications, teachers and friends of PhD Thongda Singhaninh. The scientists highly appreciated his serious study spirit and the research results of his thesis. During his study, he has been trying very hard to research, executing experiments to point out reliable research results, especially trying to improve the level of Vietnamese to complete and presented his thesis confidently and fluently.

While Lao PDR has not had any researches on Asphalt concrete and Asphalt concrete standard to apply in management, design and construction; besides, the bidders in Laos are presently referencing and applying very different standards which make it difficult to manage the quality of the works, the doctoral thesis of PhD Thongda Singhaninh is a very good reference as well as a reliable basis for soon making the Asphalt concrete standards in Laos.

On behalf of 67 Lao students who are studying and doing research at the University of Transport and Communications, PhD Thongda Singhaninh sent his sincere thanks to the Leaders of UTC, teachers and friends who facilitated and enthusiastically supported him to achieve the best study results. He hoped to contribute to the socio-economic development of Lao PDR as well as to contribute to the friendship between the people of Laos-Vietnam forever green, forever sustainable.

International Cooperation Department

Some photos in the thesis defence ceremony:

The Thesis Assessment Committee chaired by Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Cay - UTC


PhD Thongda Singhaninh presented his thesis and answered the questions.


The representative of UTC congratulated PhD.


The committee and participants took photos with PhD.


PhD gave his thankful speech.


PhD’s friends congratulated him.