The Celebration of International Women in Engineering day and MoU Signing Ceremony between UTC and Aus4Transport were held successfully

On 23 June 2020, the world celebrated International Women in Engineering day and at the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) in Hanoi, an event to commemorate this day was joint held by UTC and the  Australian Embassy through its Aus4Transport program.

The Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy, H.E. Rebecca Bryant, Vice Minister of Transport, H.E. Nguyen Ngoc Dong, UTC’s Rector, Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Long, UTC’s lecturers, and senior engineers from government and private companies attended the event to share their experiences with students on how female engineers can overcome challenges and be successful in engineering. The event attracted around 200 participants including distinguished guests, UTC lecturers and students.


Delivering the Opening speech, Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Long - UTC Rector said that: “As the country's leading higher education institution in the field of transport, throughout its development history, the university has always supported and created the best conditions for the development of women in teaching, learning and research”. Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Long also believed that the achievements of female scientists and experts would be an encouragement and an important inspiration for the generations of female students, officials, and experts in transport today to have success in their career and life.

Rector Nguyen Ngoc Long delivered the Opening Speech.

According to the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission - H.E. Rebecca Bryant, when women and men are more equally involved in decision-making, those decisions better account for the different impacts on men and women and spread the benefits more equitably.

Minister and DHOM Rebecca Bryant delivered the speech.

Vice Minister of Transport, H.E. Nguyen Ngoc Dong also expressed his strong support for women in Transport sector and said that “The implementation of Action Plan for the advancement of MOT women has brought about positive results and built up a stronger team of better qualified women for leadership and managerial positions. More scientific researches presided by women or involved women have achieved encouraging results with increasing number of initiatives applied in production and teaching at universities”.

Vice Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong spoke about MOT action plan for

advancement of women.

In addition to the Celebration of International Women in Engineering day, the Memorandum of Understanding on Assessing Wide Flange Girder Technology for Transport Infrastructure Projects in Vietnam (WFG) was signed between UTC and Aus4Transport.

Signing the MoU between UTC and Aus4Transport