The closing ceremony of the second and the opening ceremony of the third course for Japanese language and working skills in Japanese environment - HuReDee

In the afternoon of April 26, 2021, the Closing Ceremony of the second Course and Opening Ceremony of the third course for HuReDee Japanese Language and Working Skills in a Japanese Environment was held solemnly and warmly in the form of both online and direct at room 501, A1 building of the University of Transport and Communications.


Attending the ceremony were Dr. Trinh Quang Khai – Director  of International Cooperation and Development Studies Department, University of Transport and Communications, Mr. Fujishima Yasuyuki - President of HuReDee; Mr. Yamaguchi Kimio - Permanent Vice President of HuReDee; Mr. Nguyen Van Hao - Director of Dong Do Japanese Language Center along with teachers from specialized faculties, teachers and experts participated in teaching and managing the program.


The course is a part of the cooperation program between the University and the Human Resources Development and Employment Organization (HUREDEE) - Japan to provide students with job opportunities at Japanese enterprises after graduation. Participating in the course, students will learn about Japanese language, culture and people. They are also equipped with knowledge and skills to work in a Japanese business environment.


At the end of the second course, 25 students were awarded N4 Japanese certificates, 02 students received special awards for their excellent achievements in study. Through training and consulting activities along with the course, 15 students of the second course have been recruited by Japanese enterprises and are in the process of completing documents and necessary procedures to work in Japan under the engineer visa. The second-course students who have not been recruited will continue to improve their knowledge and Japanese language and wait for suitable opportunities.


Following the success of the first and second courses, after two rounds of selection through online profiles and interviews, HUREDEE organization - Japan has selected 34 qualified students to participate in the course.


On behalf of the University, Dr. Trinh Quang Khai – Director of International Cooperation and Development Studies Department thanked HuReDee and sent congratulations to the second course’s students who have completed the study program and the selected students to join the third course.


Speaking at the ceremony, President Fujishima Yasuyuki continued to express his belief that with the University's prestigious tradition of training high-quality human resources, the students participating in the program will become professional  engineers and make a great deal of  contributions to the development of the construction industry in Japan in the near future, helping to connect  cooperation relationship between the University and Japanese enterprises.


On this occasion, student Bui Minh Hieu –Bridge and Highway Engineering K57 (the second course) and student Vu Dinh Phong – Bridge and Highway Engineering K58 (the third course) representing the students participating in the program expressed not only deep gratitude to HuReDee, the University, the teachers of Dong Do Japanese Language Center but also  their determination to make efforts to complete the study with the best results.


The ceremony took place solemnly and ended successfully with an open and sincere sharing from Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tung - Vice Dean of  Civil Engineering Faculty about his experience of studying and working in Japan.


Some images at the ceremony

Teachers and students of the 2nd tcourse of HUREDEE

Dr. Trinh Quang Khai congrated two outstanding students of the second course

Students of the third course expressed motivation in studying in order to get the best results for the course

Teachers and students of the third course of HUREDEE