Conference on “Renovating university governance in Southeast Asia”

Within the framework of project “Renovating university governance in Southeast Asia, taking place from the fourth to the seventh of May, 2021, University of Social Science and Humanities (VNU-HCM) organized two related important online events, with the participation of 16 universities and research centers.

The first activity which took place from the fourth to the fifth of May aimed to start the working group no. 5: “Building a strategic planning toolkit” in order to advance university governance capacity for participating universities, sharing experiences in developing strategic plans of member universities, motivating the member universities to build strategic plans closed to practice and feasibility. Project coordinators have been trained with an aim to build a strategic orientation in a specific area (for example, training, scientific research and human resources, etc), whereby the particular targets and expecting results could be determined, which led to specific action plans to   achieve the goals.

The second activity taking place on from the sixth to the seventh of May was a training course entitled: “Building a toolkit to support project implementation based on information systems to support decision making”. The training course attracted nearly 150 staff, lecturers and experts from 8 Asian universities, including the University of Social Science and Humanities (VNU–HCM), Hanoi University, University of Transport and Communications, Hanoi University of Architecture, University of Danang - University of Science and Technology, University of Economics and Law (VNU-HCM), Cambodian Institute of Technology, University of Health Science in Cambodia. With this activity, the attendees learned about the Information System of a university, how to use the Dashboard to make important decisions in the development strategy of a university.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Cuc Phuong,  Vice Rector of Hanoi University,  Project coordinator speaking at the conference

Dr. Nguyen Thi Cuc Phuong, Vice Rector of Hanoi University, representing Hanoi University as the project coordinator, praised the positive working spirit of member universities participating in the project. In spite of the COVID-19 epidemic, Asian universities have completed the work of  groups no. 2, 3, 4 in whichuniversities have collected data for survey in order to build development strategies suitable for each university’s characteristics. European experts in charge of the project, especially Ms. Sabine Goulin (the Deputy Chief of Office, University of Lorraine, France ), Mr. Thierry Bontems (in charge of the quality and governance, the PACTE Research Department, National Research Center, France) and Mr. Claude-Emmanuel Leroy (project manager, AUF)  actively trained, instructed and closely followed the work of  each university.

The conference and the training course also had the online participation of representatives of the Francophone University Agency (AUF), representatives of leaders of PURSEA’s member universitiesand project coordinators. On the behalf of the University of Transport and Communication, Assoc.Prof. Ngo Van Minh and Dr. Nguyen Dang Hanh – Faculty of Civil Engineering participated in a face-to-face meeting and exchanged with experts and representatives of the project member universities.. Other members in the subcommittee and related departments attended the training course online.

The result of implementation of the project steps 2, 3, 4 of the University of Transport and Communications presented by Dr. Nguyen Dang Hanh, on the behalf of Project Implementation Subcommittee, received the agreement and appreciation of international experts and project coordinators.

At the meeting, on behalf of the University of Transport and Communications, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ngo Van Minh thanked the support of international experts, AUF, Hanoi University and University of Social Science and Humanities (VNU-HCM) for supporting University of Transport and Communications in terms of expertise and logistic issues during the implementation of the project's steps.

It is expected that from May 30 to June 1 of this year, project coordinators from domestic universities will gather at the University of Transport and Communications to have online meetings with experts and international universities to discuss and evaluate the results of the implementation of step 5 and prepare the contents for the implementation of step 6 of the project.

Some images at the meeting and the training course:

The coordinators of the project disscussing on  planning strategies of  member universities

An online discussion of universities with international experts

The representatives attending the online meeting took photos.