Experiences of some students participating in AIMS student exchange program

With the aim of "Integration and Development", international cooperation activities of the University of Transport and Communications are always focused and diversified in many fields: training, scientific research, and lecturer / student exchange. In particular, in recent years, the student exchange programs with foreign universities by various sources of scholarships are constantly being promoted, attracting many students to participate. A typical one is the AIMS Student Exchange Program cooperated with Chonnam National University, Korea.

AIMS – ASEAN International Mobility for Students program is designed to facilitate both in-depth academic training and invaluable experiences in Korea for university undergraduate students, who have engineering, language & culture, or international business major from their home university.

Chonnam National University is one of the 5 largest public universities in Korea, located in the Metropolitan City of Gwangju in Chonnam Province, southwestern Korea. The university has 5 campuses, 59 faculties at 19 colleges, 9 graduate schools with more than 2,200 academic staff members. Facilities and services for teaching and learning are very modern and comfortable. Some of the outstanding achievements that the university has achieved are: among the top 3 universities in Korea with the proportion of graduates with good jobs (according to AcademyInfo); the 4th modern international learning environment in Korea.

Although newly run in 2018, the AIMS program has attracted the attention of many students of the University of Transport and Communications (UTC). Below is the experiences shared by two of students participating in the program.

Nguyen Dai Duong – Bridge and Highway 1 Course 55, Faculty of Civil Engineering

As the 1st student joining the program in the Fall 2018 semester, Duong also encountered some difficulties, being confused from preparing documents to applying for a visa and adapting to the new learning and living environment in the first days of arriving in the beautiful country of Korea but above all with Duong “this is a very valuable program and one of the most memorable trips in student life, is an interesting experience and help students improve their abilities.”

The academic program of exchange students consists of 2-6 core subjects (selected by students before coming to Korea). There will also be Korean subject in the evening. Every day the first class starts at 9:00 am, 30 minutes/lesson. Normally it will take 2-4 lessons continuously. Each subject lasts 2-3 sessions per week. In all subjects, the language used is English. Course results will be assessed through mid-term and final exams, or individual or group presentations, based on student attendance. The results will be emailed and hard copies will be sent to the Department of International Cooperation and Development Studies (ICDS) of UTC about one month after the end of the semester.


Presentation of Urban Management subject (instead of final exam)


Korean Society subject


Duong shared: “A trip to experience studying and living in Korea gave me a new perspective on the way and the spirit of studying and working of international students, to discover many different cultures.”


Every 3 international students will be helped by a Korean friend (buddy) in daily life. At the same time, G&R Hub (Global & Research Hub) will answer international students' questions about their programs.

Roommate (Phillipines) and buddy (Korean)

Dormitories are located on campus, convenient for travel. Below the hostel is full of convenience stores, coffee shop, canteen, ... Inside the dormitory is the gym, self-study room and table tennis is open from 8am to 11pm daily.

The lecture halls are fully equipped and modern with desks, projectors, computers, heaters, water bottles, ...

Lecture hall



AIMS scholarship covers tuition fee, dormitory and daily meals (1-3 meals / day; 5-7 days / week) according to the student's online application.

Typical meal

The university regularly organizes extracurricular activities on weekends (usually from Friday to Sunday).

Extracurricular activities are mostly about Korean culture (cooking Korean food, visiting famous landmarks, attending traditional holidays, ...)

Experiencing culture with international students

Experiencing skiing


Duong hopes that "more and more students from the University of Transport and Communications will catch the opportunities to experience and discover new and interesting things on this trip themselves."


Dinh Khanh Chi - Environmental Technology class Course 56, Department of Environment and Transport Safety - one of the students participating in the program in the Spring 2019 semester.

Having the same feelings with Duong, Khanh Chi also shared: “This is a very useful and really meaningful program for students, helping to expand knowledge and especially improve English proficiency. I myself hope that if the studying time could be extended, I can learn more professional knowledge, culture and experience more exchange activities with Korean teachers and students from many different cultures. The program has given me many impressions, especially the professionalism and flexibility in organizing learning and extracurricular activities, helping students feel excited to participate. ”


Some photos of Khanh Chi when participating in the program in Korea:

Studying in the laboratory

Arts Exchange Program by the Vietnam Student Association in Chonnam

to celebrate April 30th and May 1st

Extracurricular activities

An unexpected opportunity to Khanh Chi after participating in the program is that she was honored to be one of three Vietnamese representatives invited to participate in the 10th Anniversary of AIMS Program held in Thailand in November 2019. The program lasted for 3 days, within the framework of the 60th Anniversary Week of SEAMEO RIHED. All expenses for traveling, accommodation were covered by the Organizing Committee of the program.

Some photos of Khanh Chi at the 10th AIMS Anniversary


Through the above sharing, hopefully the students of the University of Transport and Communications should be confident and boldly participate in student exchange programs such as AIMS Program to have more valuable experiences for your own student life.