International Student Exchange with the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College, Japan

Following the success of the previous students exchanges in the past 9 years, on November 13th 2019, the exchange meeting of international students 2019 was held with the enthusiastic and passionate participation of students of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Electrical – Electronic Engineering, International Education from University of Transport and Communications as well as more than 40 students and faculty from Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College, Japan. This meeting marked 10th year of student exchange between two universities.  

The meeting took place in a friendly, open and natural atmosphere with various exciting activities: presentations to introduce the Vietnamese and Japanese culture; introduction to schools and academic disciplines; quizzes; music and dancing perfomances by students; learning Japanese art of paper folding - Origami. The laughters and talks kept on spreading throughout the afternoon, cheering up joyful atmosphere. At the end of the exchange, Japanese students were taken to visit the UTC’s campus, library, classrooms, football field, and take photos

Upon the ending of the program, the students have exchanged contacts and could hardly say goodbye to their friends. The Japanese friends would definitely fall for the hospitality, friendliness, openness of the students from University of Transport and Communications in particular and Vietnamese people in general, thereby contributing to create good impression about the country and people of Vietnam with international friends. This is an annual exchange activities in order to strengthen the connection between students of the two universities and contribute to foster the good relations between Vietnam and Japan.

Here are some pictures of the students exchange meeting: