International workshop “Vietnam Railway Development and Experiences of China”

The workshop was attended by managers and scientists from universities, enterprises of Vietnam, Japan and China.

Speaking at the workshop, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long-Rector of UTC confirmed that the University of Transport and Communications is the unique institution in Vietnam offering the specializations related to railway field including Railway construction, Urban railway, Metro tunnel, Railway transport economics, Railway transport operation, Railway signal, Rolling stock at undergraduate, master and doctor level. UTC is the main institution to educate human resources, providing technical staff for the transport sector in Vietnam generally and railway sector particularly. It is a pride but also a great responsibility for the development needs of the railway sector today.

In the process of construction and development, the University has established and maintained the good cooperation with over 60 partners all over the world to carry out the training programs and projects on improving the qualification for the staff and lecturers; conducting research projects; updating the advanced science and technology. The results of cooperation have contributed positively to the development of the University.

The workshop was organized to further promote the cooperation between University of Transport and Communications, Southwest Jiaotong University (China) and enterprises of Vietnam and China in education, research, technology transfer, implementation of programs, projects in the field of transport, priority for railway transport.

Thirty six papers are the lessons of deeply practical experiences, addressing the scientific issues in the field of railway transport. These are the issues of Vietnam railway development that are of great interest today. The experiences gained during the development of railway transport in China will be valuable experiences for Vietnam railway.

The MOU signing ceremony among 5 units to promote effectively the cooperation in the field of railway was also held in the workshop. These units are Vietnam Railways, Transport Engineering Design Inc. (TEDI), University of Transport and Communications, Southwest Jiaotong University (China), China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd. (CREEC). 

Source: International Cooperation Depart.

Some pictures:

Opening speech by UTC rector Nguyen Ngoc Long


Signing Ceremony between 5 organizations: 

University of Transport and Communications (UTC); and Southwest Jiaotong Transport University (SWJTU); and China Railway Eryan Engineering Group Co. Ltd. (CREEC); and Vietnam Railway (VNR); and Vietnam Transport Engineering Design Inc. (TEDI)


View of workshop room


Outside the workshop room