Typical External Activities In 2016

The New Year 2017 is coming, along with the great accomplishments achieved in education and training’s development career of the University in the year 2016, external affairs has gained encouraging achievements, positively contributed to the UTC’s big goals of education programs, scientific research, team development and modernization of teaching equipment.

Along with maintaining traditional collaborative relationships with nearly 60 partners around the world with the motto "Cooperation - Development", UTC has always focused on expanding the partnership, has signed with some partners in other countries such as Russia, Japan, France, Germany etc in the fields of training, scientific research, lecturer and student exchange, contributed to improve UTC's reputation with international friends. Below are some images reviewing typical external activities in the year:

The delegation of the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) paid a working visit and participated in the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT)’s 120th Anniversary of Establishment, also signed the cooperation agreements with the Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) and The Emperor Alexander I Saint Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS) to promote cooperation in education and scientific research.


Signing cooperation with The Emperor Alexander I Saint Petersburg State Transport University


The UTC’s delegation attended the 120th Anniversary of Establishment of Southwest Jiaotong University in China (SWJTU). On this occasion, the two Universities’ leaders had a meeting in order to further promote the two side co-operation


Rectors of the two Universities were discussing cooperation activities


Over the past decades, the UTC is the place where hundreds of Laotian students study. In May 5th 2016, the UTC’s delegation attended the Vietnam Education Exhibition and Forum of international integration held by the two Ministries of Education in Vientiane, capital of Laos which has attracted many Laotian people to visit the exhibition booth and learn about UTC. Last school year, there were dozens of students coming to UTC for studying, which increased the total number of Laotian students at UTC to 48 people


Education exhibition in Laos


The year 2016 is the 11th year that UTC and Kyoto University of Japan have collaborated together annually to organize training courses on “Road Infrastructure Asset Management” and "Urban Planning and Management" since 2005 for staff working in the transport sector, which attracted 62 participants including 4 from Japan this time


International training courses cooperated with Kyoto University


Not only were the international training courses held in Hanoi but they were also organized in Vientiane for staff of Laotian transport sector. This event has attracted 25 participants


International training courses held in Vientiane, Laos


The matter of training human resources for the public transport system has drawn a lot of attention. Project "Application of Information Technology on Management and Public Transport" cooperated between the UTC and Traffic Technology Company (IVU), Germany, supported by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has successfully completed 6 training courses, including 3 courses with 34 participants in 2016


Opening Ceremony for Course No. 5


Nearly a great deal of international conferences was held, attracting many domestic and international scientists, among which are the typical workshops such as Steel Technology and Structure; Urban Planning and Development - Towards sustainable and developing Hanoi Capital; The transport policies against the challenge of climate change; Sustainable development in building techniques etc


International Seminar on transport policies against the challenge of the climate change


Dozens of scholarship funds is maintained and many others are further developed. Hundreds of students receive scholarships financed by businesses every year, dozens of scholarships for lecturers to study abroad. This is really a meaningful gift to recognize achievement and to encourage students to strive to achieve good results in their studying


GSS scholarship awarded to students


Student exchange with the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College, Japan has been maintaining annually since 2009. In 2016 the delegation of 36 Japanese students has created an atmosphere of enthusiastic, friendly, passionate solidarity between the two universities’ students as well as students of the two countries Vietnam – Japan


Students exchange between UTC-Mairuzu 2016


UTC has been maintaining close cooperation with 70 partners which are enterprises and localities across the country as well as signed co-operation agreements with new partners in the field of education, scientific research and technological transfer that brought practical results for UTC and the companies


Signing cooperation with Vietnam Expressway Company (VEC)

By VTS-Intel. Cooperation Depart.