Typical external affairs activities in 2018

Welcome the 2019 Spring with great hope of integration and development, which is a prerequisite year for development momentum for the whole term of 2018-2023. The external affairs activities of the university have gained many achievements in accordance with the domestic and international general context. The international centers have been organized; the number of international students studying at the university has been gradually increased; many international scientific workshops/seminars have been organized; programs/projects on education and research have been constantly developed and implemented; and the cooperation with domestic universities and enterprises have also been strengthened, contributing to the development of the university.  Following are some typical external affairs activities in 2018:

Signing five-partner MoU among University of Transport and Communications (UTC), Vietnam Railways (VNR), Transport Engineering Design Inc. (TEDI), Southwest Jiaotong University of China (SWJTU) and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd. (CREEC) which has been implemented. This is the first time the MoU related to railway field was signed between three domestic partners and two international partners. The event was highly appreciated by the media and society, strengthening the connection between a large educational institution such as the University of Transport and Communications with domestic and international agencies to develop Vietnamese railway.


Opening the Vietnam-Korea Transport Insfrastructure Cooperation Center (V-K Trans). In addition to maintaining the cooperation with many traditional partners, the University has paid attention to developing relations with Korean partners in the context of strong development of Vietnam - Korea relations. Korea is one of the most important partners of Vietnam, ranking first among 129 countries and territories investing in Vietnam and second in trade, official development assistance (ODA) and travel with Vietnam. In March 2018, UTC successfully held the cooperation agreement signing                                                                                   ceremony with Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) and opening ceremony of Vietnam-Korea Transport Infrastructure Cooperation Center (V-K Trans) under the witness of H.E Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea Mrs. Kim Hyun Mee, H.E Minister of Transport of Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Van The, H.E Deputy Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam Mr. Pham Manh Hung and many leaders of agencies in the transport sector. Besides V-K Trans, until now UTC has established other centers such as: Vietnam-Japan Research & Development Center, Center for research and application of construction technology, Vietnam-German Research Center.  These centers have initially achieved encouraging results.


UTC’s Leaders joined the delegation to pay a working visit to Russia Federation and Hungary with the delegates of the Ministry of Education and Training accompanying the high-level Party-State delegation led by General Secretary of Vietnamese Communist Party Nguyen Phu Trong to enhance effective and comprehensive cooperation with these two countries. On this occasion, the delegation of the university visited, worked and signed cooperation agreements with traditional partners in Russia and Hungary. This visit not only strengthened and expanded cooperation but also affirmed the prestige of the university in the system of Vietnamese universities.


Project of restructuring research activities adapted to the university development strategy has been implemented. This is a project supported by AUF in the context that the university is advocating to promote research activities towards autonomy. The project has the great significance in planning the research activities as well as the development strategy of the university close to the reality, especially to help the university develop action plans in each period to achieve the outlined development strategy.


Many workshops/seminars were organized, attracting the attention of scientists and managers. Especially, in 2018 the University successfully organized dozens of workshops/seminars with the topic of Vietnam railway development, logistics, smart traffic and smart cities. The participation of a large number of scientists and managers at the workshops proved their interest in the country's socio-economic development, hoping for a civilized, modern and prosperous society. Once again, it is confirmed that the university plays an important role to convey information, being the bridge catching up with the development of advanced science and technology.


International students enrolled in the academic 2018-2019 increased much more than the previous year. At the beginning of the academic year in September 2018, there were 26 international students enrolling for full-time degree, including 14 Lao students and 12 Cambodian students, increasing the total number of Lao and Cambodian students studying at the university to 85 people. In addition, the number of international students from France, Germany, and Japan as the exchange students has still maintained, of which 19 students entered the university since the beginning of 2018 until now. This is the result of a process of exchange, signing cooperation, consultancy, and procedure guidance for international students over the years.


The development of cooperation to support education and research with international partners has been paid special attention. In addition to the ongoing projects like the Master's Degree in Railway System Engineering, the university has signed cooperation agreement and has implemented many research projects funded by foreign countries with total sponsorship value of more than 9 billion VND, such as: Project "Damage assessment tools for Structural Health Monitoring of Vietnamese infrastructures" with the cost: 279,710 Euro; Contract with Find Mold of Korea with the cost 789 million VND; Project “Creativity and mentoring network” to support the role of universities in Vietnamese creative industry funded by British Council with the cost 25,000 £; The cooperation agreement signed with Taisei Rotec company of Japan with the cost 210 million VND. Moreover, many agreements of awarding scholarship for students were signed. The amount of funding is not large compared to the university development scale but has proved the initial prosperity in scientific and technological activities with international partners.


International student exchanges are maintained and developed. In addition to maintaining international student exchange with National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College - Japan, in the past year, the university has expanded student exchanges with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock - USA and Darmstadt University of Technology - Germany. Student exchange activity is very meaningful for students to exchange culture, learning experiences, customs and increase understanding and friendship between Vietnamese students and international students.


Domestic cooperation continued to be promoted to support training and research activities. Besides 70 agencies and domestic enterprises that have signed and implemented cooperation activities, the university continued to sign cooperation agreements with a number of domestic partners.

Especially, signing cooperation agreement between University of Transport and Communications; National University of Civil Engineering; Hanoi University of Mining and Geology and Thuy Loi University is a new cooperation development step in accordance with the current context, which is the initiative of the Rectors of four universities to strengthen the cooperation in enrollment, education and promote the strengths of each university.

Source: Internationa Cooperation Department