Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Office:            Room 106, A6 building

                      University of  Transport and Communications

                      No.3 Cau Giay St., Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tel:                 +84-24-3766 0397

Email:             khoacokhivp@utc.edu.vn


Board of Leaders


Dean of the faculty

Prof. Dr. DO VIET DUNG, former Vice Dean of the Faculty (your left side), and

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Bang, former Dean until May 2014 (middle)


Brief Overview:

The faculty has been known as one of the oldest faculties of UTC. The 1st undergraduate training course on mechanical engineering was available right after UTC had been allowed to enroll students for undergraduate level in 1960. The  faculty was officially established in 1963, named then Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Faculty with three sections including Locomotive and Wagon; Loading-Unloading and Construction Machine; and Marine Engineering. To satisfy the university’s  development as well as to develop the number of lecturers and majors, the faculty was divided into two separate faculties called Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical-Electronic Engineering in 1998.

During 50 years of foundation and development, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has contributed effectively to UTC development. It has currently 8 sections with a total of 103 staffs in June 2013 including 17 professors, 9 doctors, 54 masters and others.

In the future, the target of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to:

            - Become a leading center for training and researching in Vietnam in the field of transportation mechanical engineering.

            - Expand training programs and enhance training quality to meet social demands and international standards.


Education fields:


Undergraduate education program:

Field of education: Mechanical Engineering

Duration: 4 years

No. Name of Majors Name of Sections
1 Locomotive Locomotive and Wagon (No.1-No.4)
2 Wagon  
3 Locomotive and Wagon  
4 Metro Engineering  
5 Internal-Combustion Engine Internal-Combustion Engine
6 Automotive Mechanical Engineering Automotive Mechanical Engineering (No.6-No.7)
7 Mechanical Engineering in Public Transport Works Loading/Unloading and Construction Machine (No.7-No.10)
8 Transport Construction Mechanization  
9 Loading- Unloading Construction Machine  
10 Ground Equipment for Airports  
11 Automation in Mechanical Design Machinery Design
12 Mechatronics Machinery Engineering
13 Mechanical Manufacture Engineering Machinery Technology
14 Heating – Cooling Engineering Heat Engineering (No.14-No.15)
15 Air Conditioning and Ventilating of Buildings  

Master education program (1.5 years):

Major: Dynamic Mechanical Engineering             


Doctor education program:

Major: Dynamic Mechanical Engineering           



  • Automotive Mechanical Engineering Section
  • Head: Prof. Dr. Dao Manh Hung ( Former Dean of the Faculty)
  • Staffs: 19 (including 2 Prof-Dr, 14 MSc and 3 Engineers)
  • Loading/Unloading and Construction Machine Section
  • Head: Dr. Nguyen Lam Khanh (Deputy Director of Center for Transport Science and Technology of UTC)
  • Staffs:  20 (including 4 Prof-Dr, 3 Doctors, 12 MSc and 1 Engineer)
  • Internal-Combustion Engine Section
  • Head: Prof. Dr. Le Hoai Duc (Director of Propaganda and Student Affairs Department)
  • Staffs: 9 (including 1 Prof-Dr, 2 MSc and 6 Engineers)
  • Heat Engineering Section
  • Head: Dr. Truong Minh Thang
  • Staffs: 8 (including 2 Doctors, 4 MSc and 1 Engineer)
  • Locomotive and Wagon Section
  • Head: Dr. Pham Le Tien
  • Staffs: 12 (including 4 Prof-Dr, 2 Doctors, 4 MSc and 3 Engineers)
  • Machinery Design Section
  • Head: Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Hien (Dean of the Faculty)
  • Staffs: 9 (including 2 Prof-Dr, 1 Doctor, 4 MSc and others)
  • Machinery Engineering Section
  • Head: Dr. (Ms) Dinh Thi Thanh Huyen 
  • Staffs:  8 (including 5 Doctors, 6 MSc, and 1 Bachelor)
  • Transport Technology Section
  • Head: (Ms) MSc. Tran Thi Van Nga
  • Staffs: 9 (including 7 MSc and 2 Engineers)



  • Third-rank Labor Order in 1998
  • Second-rank Labor Order in 2004



Faculty's student group picked up the special prize from the 5th EMC competition held in Vietnam in March of 2014

Whole student team was in the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge (EMC), March of 2014

The first VIFOTEC prize in 1996


Student Team at Eco Mileage Challenge Competition in Malaysia


Student Team at Eco Mileage Challenge Competition


Student at Eco Mileage Challenge Competition


Student Team at ROBOCON Vietnam Competition