Faculty of Environment and Transport Safety

Office:         Room 301, Building T1

                   University of Transport and Communications

                   No.3 Cau Giay St., Lang Thuong Ward, Dong-Da District, Hanoi, VIETNAM.



Board of Leaders


Dean of the faculty

Email: tuananhb@hotmail.com

Vice Dean: Dr. Cao Minh Quy


Faculty of Transport Safety and Environment was a new name instead of the Institute of Transport Safety and Environment by the decision of the rector of UTC on December 4th, 2015.

The Faculty of  Transport Safety and Environment, known also as the Institute of  Science and Environment in Transportation, was established in 2004 to fulfill the tasks of education, training, research and technology transfer in the fields of transport safety and environment.

Around 100 undergraduate students are enrolled every year, and there are approximately 100 graduate students whose university degrees related to majors of Transport Engineering and  Environmental Engineering studying in the faculty.

The faculty has currently 20 staffs including 2  professors, 3 doctors, 9 masters, 5 engineers and others, and the total number of students is around 400.

Continuous development and improvement in both quantity as well as quality of education, training, research and technology transfer over the last few years has affirmed the important role of the faculty for solving pressing issues in the field of transport safety and environment.

The following chart shows the organizational structure of the faculty:



(Dr.-Ing. Nguyen Tuan-Anh)








Transport Safety Engineering Section

(Dr.-Ing. Nguyen Tuan-Anh)

Environmental Engineering Section

(Dr. Cao Minh-Quy)

Institute Office

(Eng. Cao Quang-Khai)

Centre of Science and Environment Technology in Transportation

(Prof. Cao Trong-Hien)

Laboratory VILAS-127

(MSc. Bui Le-Hong-Minh)


Education Programs:



Undergraduate Programs (4 years)





Environmental Engineering


Transport Environment Engineering

Transport Environment Management (planning)


Transport Engineering


Transport Safety Engineering

Transport Safety Management (planning)


Master Programs (1,5 years)


Environmental Engineering

Transport Environment Engineering


Transport Engineering

Transport Safety Engineering



► Environmental Engineering Section

Head: Dr. (Mr) Cao Minh-Quy (Vice Dean of the Faculty)


1) Prof. Dr. (Mr) Cao Trong-Hien

2) Prof. Dr. (Mr) Dao Quang-Liem

3) MSc. (Ms) Nguyen Thi-Yen-Lien

4) MSc. (Ms) Vu Thi-Thu-Nga

5) MSc. (Ms) Vu Kim-Hanh

6) MSc. (Ms) Than Thi-Hai-Yen

7) MSc. (Ms) Bui Le-Hong-Minh

8) MSc. (Mr) Tran Thanh-Liem

9) BSc. (Mr) Ngo Quang-Du

10) Eng. (Mr) Doan Danh-Cuong

Fields of interest

We have been trying our best to deliver good knowledge of environmental engineering areas to students, and apply principles to solve and prevent natural environmental degradation, especially environmental impacts of transport system.

  • Water and air pollution control
  • Irrigation and drainage system design
  • Liquid and solid waste management
  • Solutions for reducing toxic exhaust and noise emissions from vehicles
  • Alternative fuel vehicle design: biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol, fuel cell,…,


Office         : T1-402

Tel.            : + 84-4-3766 6543

E-mail : bmkmt@utc.edu.vn


► Transport Safety Engineering Section

Head: Prof. Dr.-Ing. (Mr) Nguyen Tuan-Anh (Dean of the faculty)


1) Dr. (Mr) Nguyen Dao-Dung

2) MSc. (Mr) Vuong Xuan-Can

3) MSc. (Ms) Nguyen Thi-Yen

4) MSc. (Ms) Cu Thi-Thuc-Anh

5) Eng. (Mr) Nguyen Sy-Bao-Chung

6) Eng. (Mr) Nguyen Chi-Trung

7) Eng. (Mr) Nguyen Hoang-Minh

Fields of interest

We have been trying our best to deliver good knowledge of transport engineering, especially road transport safety to students. Generally, transport safety engineering is the application of technology and scientific principles to solve the planning, design, operation and management of the transportation system in order to provide traffic vehicles the more safe, efficient, rapid, comfortable, and environmentally compatible movement.

  • Roads and conjunctions design and redesign for improving road safety and reducing traffic congestion
  • Traffic signal control design and optimization
  • Road transport safety organisation and management
  • Vehicle crash dynamics modelling and traffic accident investigation
  • Research and applications of Intelligent transport systems (ITS) and intelligent vehicle safety systems (IVSS)



Office         : T1-401

Tel.            : + 84-4-3766 8784

E-mail : bmkat@utc.edu.vn



Students and lecturers on the celebration of Vietnam Teacher's Day 20/11


Graduation ceremony of the student courses of K49 and K50


Prof. Hoang Chuong and Dr. Khuong-Kim Tao

at the graduation thesis defense ceremony of students K49


Student football clubs


Student science research conference Apr.2013


Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan and Rector Tran Dac Su

visit Laboratory VILAS-127


Internatinal cooperation in education, training and research

Prof. Dr. Zhang Jin and Prof. Dr. Mou Ruifang (Southwest Jiaotong University, China)