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University of Transport and Communications (UTC) is the largest and oldest techical state university in transport field in Vietnam. It was re-opened under the revolutionary power on November 15th 1945, named then Vietnam College of Public Works under the decree of President Ho Chi Minh and decrees of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Works Transport.

Main campus in Hanoi

During the period from 1945 to 1960, it trained a lot of scientific staffs at the college level and intermediate level in the fields of transport, hydraulics, post office, architecture to serve the national salvation resistance and the country’s development.

The university was formally named University of Transport and Communications under the Decision of the Government on March 24th 1962.

On April 27th 1990, its Campus 2 in Ho Chi Minh City was established under the Decision of Ministry of Education and Training.


November 15th is considered to be the Traditional Day of the UTC, and

March 24th is considered to be the Foundation Day of the UTC.

At present time in March 2013, there is a total of 1,133 staffs working in UTC, of which 863 are lecturers including 42 professors and associate-professors, 120 doctors and scientific-doctors, 483 masters in charge of managing and educating 29,310 undergraduate and post-graduate students. Annually, lecturers and scientists of the UTC implement hundreds of research projects at different levels to contribute to the development of science and technology in transport sector in Vietnam as well.

It has 5 specialized faculties, 3 institutes and 1 center including:

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical-Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Transport Economics

Institute of Construction Engineering

Institute of Transport Safety and Environment

Institute of Transport Planning and Management

Campus 2

International Education Center


In addition, some other faculties and sections are responsible for supporting to its education system:

Faculty of Basic Sciences

Faculty of Political Theory

Faculty of National Defense Education

Physical Education Section

The UTC has diverse training programs, including 15 disciplines with 69 majors for  undergraduate degree, 16 majors for master degree and 17 majors for doctor degree.

The UTC is up to become a multi-disciplined university with high education quality in order to integrate with universities in ASEAN area and over the world.