The University of Transport and Communications (UTC), originally named as Vietnam College of Public Works, was reopened under the revolutionary government on November 15th 1945 in accordance with the Decree of President Ho Chi Minh.

The University of Transport and Communications had been called by a lot of different names since 1945:

  Time   Name
¤ November 15th 1945 : Vietnam College of Public Works
¤ February 24th 1949 : College of Technology
¤ November 1st 1952 : College of Transport and Public Works
¤ August 1956 : Vocational School of Transport
¤ August 1960 : Forming the Establishment Board of the University of Transport and Communications and enrolling the 1st undergraduate level course.
¤ March 24th 1962 : University of Transport and Communications
¤ July 23rd 1968 : University of Railway and Highway Transport
¤ Since  November 6th 1985 up to now : University of Transport and Communications
¤ April 27th 1990 : Establishment of UTC Campus in Ho Chi Minh City

The main campus is located in No.3 Cau Giay Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • November 15th is considered the UTC Traditional Day
  • March 24th  is taken as the UTC Establishment Day.



UTC has received a lot of domestic and international honour awards for its achievements:

T1 - HC AHLD.jpg     T1 - HC AHLLVTND.jpg     T1 - HC HCM.jpg     T1 - HCDL.jpg    



  • Hero of the People’s Armed Forces (2011)
  • Labor Hero (2007)
  • 1 Ho Chi Minh Order (2005)
  • 1 First-rank Independence Order (2000)
  • 1 Second-rank Independence Order (1995)
  • 1 Third-rank Independence Order (1986)
  • 2 First-rank Labor Orders (1982 & 1990)
  • 2 Second-rank Labor Orders (1977 & 2004)
  • 2 Third-rank Labor Orders (1966&1999)
  • 1 Second-rank Resistance Order (1973)
  • 2 Freedom Orders, 1 First-rank Labor Order, 1 Friendship Order of  People Democratic Republic of Laos
  • Many individuals and groups have been awarded various types of orders and medals...


Prof. Dr, Nguyen Ngoc Long has been assigned by the Minister of MOET to the Rector of UTC for the term of 2018-2023


The Ceremony for Announcement of the new Rector Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long (your left side), since November 2016


Ceremony of receiving the Hero Title of the People's Armed Forces from Vietnam Nation, 2011

(HE Uong Chu Luu, Vice President of Vietnam National Council conferred the Title)


Ceremony on receiving Labor Hero Title Award from Vietnam Nation, 2007

(HE Nguyen Sinh Hung, Permanent Vice Prime Minister of the Vietnam Government conferred the Title,

He is currently the President of Vietnam National Council)


Ceremony of receiving Ho Chi Minh Order from Vietnam Nation, 2005

(HE Truong My Hoa, Vice President of Vietnam conferred the Title)


Ceremony of receiving the First-rank Independence Order from Vietnam Nation, 2000

(HE Nguyen Khoa Diem, Senior Leader of Vietnam conferred the Title)


Ceremony of receiving Friendship Order from Laos