1. General introduction

Address: Room 401-403, Building A9 – University of Transport and Communications, No.3 Cau Giay Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Website: http://tse.utc.edu.vn/


Faculty of Transport Safety and Environment, formerly known as Institute of Science and Technology for Transport Construction was officially established on June 28th 2004. Up to now, the whole Faculty has 02 departments:

  • Department of Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Transport Safety Engineering

The scientific research priorities of the faculty are:

  • Roads and conjunctions design and redesign for improving road safety and reducing traffic congestion
  • Traffic signal control design and optimization
  • Road transport safety organisation and management
  • Vehicle crash dynamics modelling and traffic accident investigation
  • Research and applications of Intelligent transport systems (ITS) and intelligent vehicle safety systems (IVSS)


  • Water and air pollution control
  • Irrigation and drainage system design
  • Liquid and solid waste management
  • Solutions for reducing toxic exhaust and noise emissions from vehicles
  • Alternative fuel vehicle design: biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol, fuel cell,…,


Board of leaders

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh

Dean of Faculty

Dr. Cao Minh Quy

Vice Dean of Faculty


2. Achievements

The Faculty has been awarded 02 Certificates of Merit from the Minister of Education and Training (2007-2014)

3. Education fields

Education fields


Transport Engineering Technology

Transport Safety Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering of Transport