The University of Transport and Communications undertakes the mission in training, research, high quality technology transfer in line with global integration and social liability to boost the sustainable development of the transport sector and that of the country.



To become a multi-disciplinary university research oriented, asserting its leading role in Vietnamese transport with reputation and quality of Asian standards.

Educational Philosophy

The University of Transport and Communications aims to train learners to become global citizens, with a national spirit and international responsibility.

Educational activities help learners to develop comprehensively in terms of morality-mind-body-beauty, equipping with core and in-depth knowledge for each individual. UTC determines that education must be closely linked with the world's scientific and technological progress, the country's workforce demands and socio-economic development, and the task of protecting and building the country.

The University applies a positive educational, hands-on learning approach, creating an environment to help learners build and train a lifelong sense of self-study, the ability to adapt to all circumstances in order to maximize their potential and creativity ability.

The University identifies learners as the center, teachers as the inspirers.