1. General introduction

Address: Room 104-107, Building B2 – University of Transport and Communications, No.3 Cau Giay Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Phone: +84 24 3766 0742

Email: khoagdqp@utc.edu.vn

The Faculty of National Defense Education was established on May 2nd, 1984.

The Faculty has responsibilities of researching and teaching national security knowledge to UTC students as well as other university’s students according to the curriculum. Every full-time student has to get a certificate before graduating. Annually, it coordinates with other agencies for collecting graduate students to train them to be pre-military officers so that they can join the army if it is necessary, and 895 students were trained so far. Besides researching and teaching, propagandizing national defense to everyone is one of the most important tasks of the Faculty.


There are three sections with 12 staffs, of which 11 military officers are detached to UTC to give lessons and one is an officer. During its foundation and development, the Faculty always keeps the traditional solidarity, obeys the military disciplines as well as the UTC regulations to complete successfully its responsibilities.

Board of leaders

Senior Lt.-Colonel-Eng. DONG VAN THAO

Dean of the Faculty

Lt.-Colonel-BA. VU XUAN VINH

Vice Dean of the Faculty


2. Achievements

The Faculty has got a lot of honour awards from agencies for its achievements, such as: Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister of Government, Minister of Defense, Hanoi Capital Military Region, Minister of Education and Training