1. Credit transfer

Exchange students will be allowed to attend the below courses in the Faculty of International Education for credit transfer:

Programs taught in English:

•Advanced Training Program in Civil Engineering

•Vietnamese-English Highway and Bridge Engineering

•Vietnamese-Japanese Urban Transport Works

•Vietnamese-English General Accounting

•Vietnamese-English Construction Economics of Transport Works

•Vietnamese-English Technology Information

•Vietnamese-English Business Administration

•Vietnamese-English Automotive Engineering

Programs taught in French:

•Vietnamese-French Highway and Bridge Engineering

•Vietnamese-French Construction Material and Technology

Note: Some tentative courses can be cancelled due to insufficient number of students registering for the course.

2. Internship at specilized faculties

Exchange students will be supervised by a professor in order to do a research topic.

1. Faculty of Civil Engineering

2. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

3. Faculty of Electrical - Electronic Engineering

4. Faculty of Information Technology

5. Faculty of Transport - Economics

6. Faculty of Construction Engineering

7. Faculty of Transport Safety and Environment

8. Faculty of Construction Management

There are also additional field trips to construction sites/businesses during internship period(optional).

Construction sites (Thang Long bridge, Nhat Tan bridge, Tunnel And Underground Stations of Metro Line 3 Nhon – Hanoi, Metro Line 2A Cat Linh – Ha Dong, etc); Seaport (Hai Phong, Quang Ninh etc); Hanoi Railway Transport Joint Stock Company; Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board; Transport Engineering Design Inc etc

3. Extra course for certificate (for civil engineering students)

Structural Identification & Digital Twin Model for Bridge Monitoring

Descriptions: The course is set up as fundamentals in structural identification with emphasis on data-acquisition and multi-channel modal testing. It is an intensive training course, where theoretical lectures are illustrated by numerous integrated demonstrations. A full scale multi-channel survey of a real life bridge structure will be conducted on site and lectures on relevant industrial case studies are included. The mix of theory and practice gives the participants the opportunity to discuss theoretical and practical problems with experts in the field. The last part of the course touches on the practical use and applications of modal analysis ranging from model updating to building a digital twin model for bridge health monitoring.

Duration: 2 days

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