1. Exchange Duration

Short term1-3 months
Long term3-6 months

2. Tuition fee
Tuition fee (excluding extracurriculum courses and activities) is waived for nominated students from universities which have already signed the exchange agreements with UTC.
3. Admission Requirements
International students applying for the exchange program (studying or internship) at UTC are requested to send the following documents (as seen in annexes in the Application Form, download here) to Department of International Cooperation and Development Studies (ICDS):
- An Application Form (Note: the estimated arrival and departure date will be included in the total period, which is related to visa later. Students should check the flight booking beforehand)
- A copy of passport
- Evidence of education status (High-school graduate certificate or a University Letter of Confirmation
- A copy of academic transcripts for the high-school or the passed semesters in the home university
- Learning Agreement for International Students .
- Language requirement

  • + For specialized modules taught in English, Certificate of IELTS 5.0 and above or equivalent is required if he/she is not English native speaker.
  • + For specialized modules taught in French, Certificate of TCF 400 and above or equivalent is required if he/she is not French native speaker.
  • + Any documents that might be supportive (Proof of language ability) 

- Evidence of financial support (at least for EUR 1200 per semester) by one of the following documents:

  • + A bank saving book
  • + A guarantee for financing of  family’s member, spouse, relative or friend (statement of financial support + evidence of sufficient monthly income for supporting the student)
  • + A letter of scholarship or financial guarantee from an institution or foundation

- Evidence of health insurance (that covers all losses from accidents, medical expense, sickness, injuries, Covid-19, repatriation during the internship/study period in Vietnam if happened).
- Attestation of Full Vaccination Against COVID-19 (the last dose given within at least 14 days and not more than 12 months by the time of entry) 


Upon arrival at UTC, students are required to submit the following original documents to ICDS:

- Information Form of Foreigner Studying in UTC (download here).
- 02 profile pictures
- Passport (for verification)

3. Admission Procedure
3.1. Students submit all the required documents to UTC
3.2. For internship, students may contact with the appointed supervisor to agree on the internship topic. For studying, students may continue to work with Faculty of International Education to agree on the subjects/modules.  

3.3. UTC sends the approval letter or learning agreement for International Students to qualified candidates via email.
3.4. Upon receiving these documents, UTC will process internal procedures and submit necessary documents to the Immigration Department and other related agencies to get its approval for student’s visa. 

3.5. Within 1.5 or 2 months later, UTC will send visa reference number for students to apply for student visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Students should know the visa application procedures by themselves at the Vietnamese Embassy in their home country for other additional documents if needed.  

Note: UTC only accepts student with student visa. If a student comes with a tourist visa, he/she can be deported after the tourist visa expires. Only book the flights after receiving the visa reference number from UTC for student visa application or contact UTC's staff for any queries if any. 

4. Application Deadline

SemesterApplication Deadline
1st semester (from early August to late December)April 15th
2nd semester (from early January to late June)September 15th 

5. Contact 

Department of International Cooperation and Development Studies
Website: http://icds.utc.edu.vn/
Email: icds@utc.edu.vn
For English: Ms. Linh: ntlinh_dn@utc.edu.vn; Ms. Ngoc Anh ngocanh@utc.edu.vn
For French: Ms. Hang hangndm@utc.edu.vn

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