Flag raising ceremony on Co To Island

On April 26, Co To district held a ceremony to raise the flag and inaugurate the sovereignty flagpole on Co To island. The project was presented by the University of Transport and Communications in collaboration with the High Command of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Protection.

The flagpole was started construction on March 14, with a height of 27.9m from the ground to the top of the pole (1/1 ratio compared to the flagpole at Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi).

The foundation is designed to help the Flagpole withstand a storm of level 12 on Co To Island, which has very strong winds compared to other coastal areas in Vietnam.

The sovereignty flagpole was built in front of the Uncle Ho Monument.

The flag raising ceremony was solemnly held


The flagpole has a moving part, a winch system, and an electrical system designed, supplied and constructed by the the High Command ofHo Chi Minh Mausoleum Protection in order to create enough tension against strong winds on the sea and islands.


In particular, the electronic system of the winch controls the flag to follow exactly the time of the national anthem that is used for major national celebrations.

Cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the Sovereignty Flagpole on Co To Island


The project has a total investment of nearly 2 billion VND, including direct funds donated by officials, employees and alumni of the University of Transport and Communications through socialization and many public days of contributions of officers and soldiers of the High Command of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Protection.


The delegation of the University of Transport led by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – President and delegates attended the flag raising ceremony

Many students attended the ceremony


The construction of the sovereignty flagpole on Co To island has a very important meaning in affirming Vietnam's territorial sovereignty.


The flag raising and the inauguration ceremony of the national flagpole on Co To island is a meaningful and practical activity to celebrate the 61st anniversary of Uncle Ho's visit to the island (May 9, 1961 - May 9, 2022).