The UTC President participated in the working delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training accompanying the Prime Minister on a working visit to Switzerland, Hungary and Romania

From January 15 to 23, 2024, the President of the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) Nguyen Ngoc Long joined the working delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training accompanying Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh to visit and work in Switzerland, Hungary and Romania.

The visit aims to continue strongly implementing the foreign policy of the 13th Party Congress, including giving priority to strengthening and deepening relations with comprehensive partners, traditional partners, contributing part of strengthening political trust, promoting relations with two friendly countries in Central Eastern Europe in all fields, especially education and training.

In Switzerland, the President of UTC visited the headquarters and signed a cooperation agreement with Mr. Heinrich Meister - Principal of the School of Business and Hotel Management (BHMS).

This is a member school belonging to the system of 50 international schools of Benedict Education Group - one of the oldest, large-scale educational corporations in the field of university and higher education.

Cooperation content includes:

- Exchange of researchers, faculties, staff

- Short-term and long-term student exchange

- Cultural exchange, summer courses

- Exchange of resources for training and management (documents, programs, processes, experiences, etc.)

- Technical assisstance and/or training

- Cooperation in implementing research projects

- Cooperation in sharing the results of joint scientific research

- Cooperation in organizing international conferences

- Cooperation in international project implementation activities

- Cooperation in research and training in the fields of circular economy, green economy, and climate change

In Hungary, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long attended and listened to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh's speech on the topic of Vietnam's public policy at Hungary's National University of Public Administration. In his speech, the Prime Minister expressed his respect and appreciation for the thinking and ways of the people and country of Hungary, and expressed his admiration for the heroic tradition and good achievements that the country and people of Hungary achieved.

In the presence of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam, the Minister of Defense of Hungary, the President of UTC and his Hungarian counterpart presented 02 cooperation agreements.

Cooperation agreement with Budapest University of Technology and Economics (signer: President Tibor Czigány) on the following contents:

- Exchange of academics, research personnel and administrative personnel

- Exchange of students

- Exploration of teaching collaboration

- Cooperation in double degree programs and joint degree programs

- Scientific research collaboration

- Sharing of joint research results

- Exchange of institutional publications

Cooperation agreement with University of Debrecen (signer: President Zoltán Szilvássy) on the following contents:

- Cooperation in research and teaching activities for promoting and relating to sustainable development goals

- Cooperation  in research and teaching activities in Green/Circular/Bio Economy and Climate Change

- Cooperation in research and teaching activities in digital transformation

- Cooperate in participating and implementing Erasmus+ projects and other international projects

- Exchange of lecturers, researchers, and staff

- Exchange of students (short-term, long-term, study visit, summer school)

- Exchange of publications, research results, resources for research and training

- Cooperation in joint research activities such as co-publishing, organizing seminars, and implementing research projects

- Other cooperative activities suitable to the needs and capacities of the parties

In Romania, President Nguyen Ngoc Long attended and listened to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh's speech at Bucharest University of Construction Technology (UTCB) where the Prime Minister studied and graduated with honors in 1984. In his speech, the Prime Minister was delighted with the development and growth of UTCB, and appreciated the support of Romania for Vietnam, including education and training.

After the Prime Minister's speech, UTCB organized an exchange forum between the Romanian Alliance of Technical and Technological Universities and Vietnamese technical universities participating in the business trip.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long introduced the strengths of the University of Transport and Communications, proposed directions for cooperation with leading Romanian technical universities, and signed a cooperation agreement with Mr. Radu VACÁREANU - President of UTCB on the following contents: :

- Exchanging information, documents, research results, and training programs

- Inviting lecturers and researchers from partner universities to participate in seminars, workshops, research programs and promote joint PhD programs

- Promoting short- and long-term lecturer exchange activities

- Introducing students to transfer to higher levels

Also during the working visit to Romania, the President of the University of Transport and Communications and his Romanian counterpart presented four cooperation agreements in the presence of the Prime Minister of Vietnam and the Prime Minister of Romania at the Prime Minister's Office.

Cooperation agreement with National University of Science and Technology Politehnica Bucharest (signer: President Mihnea Costoiu) on the following contents:

- Conducting joint research and development projects

- Co-organizing seminars, workshops, conferences and co-teaching activities

- Exchange of students, lecturers, and staff, visiting lecture activities

- Exchange of information, teaching materials, technological and scientific publications 

- Other cooperation according to actual needs.

Cooperation agreement with Romanian - American University (signer: President Costel Negricea) on the following contents:

- Promoting short- and long-term student exchange activities and summer schools

- Promoting faculty exchange for better academic understanding and advancement

- Organizing activities, academic programs, joint lectures, joint seminars/workshops

- Promoting the ability to build joint programs at the undergraduate and master's levels in the fields of management, leadership, hospitality and other fields

- Promoting joint research activities

Cooperation agreement with Dunarea de Jos University of Galati (signer: President Puiu-Lucian Georgescu) on the following contents:

- Development of Joint research projects

- Postgraduate or research study programmes

- Exchange programs for students, faculties, administration staff and researchers

- Sharing resources, experiences, training programs

- Joint training, teaching and seminar activities

It can be said that the official visit to Hungary and Romania by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh is an important milestone in the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam - Hungary and the traditional friendship partnership between Vietnam and Romania, increasing political trust, comprehensively promoting bilateral cooperation in the new stage of development which is increasingly in-depth and practical, serving Vietnam's security and development interests and contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.

The participation of President Nguyen Ngoc Long in the working delegation of the Ministry of Education and Training, signing and exchanging cooperation agreements in the witness of senior leaders will certainly create a close and deep educational cooperation between the University of Transport and Communications with universities in Switzerland, Hungary and Romania, contributing to promoting cooperative relations between Vietnam and other countries.